At last, action!

Well, kind of.

For this strip, I have to give a nod to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, specifically this episode. I liked it a lot, but there are a couple points I’m not sure about. First, when Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, it was still on his previously advertised route, just at another location. It’s not impossible that Gavrilo was seriously lying in wait there. The second point is that sandwiches weren’t a common food in Eastern Europe at that time. Mike Dash at the Smithsonian Magazine goes into some detail about it here.

So, I changed Princip’s snack. Burek is delicious. Try it if you get the chance.

Some may also notice that Franz and Sophie are sitting on the wrong seats in the car. In paintings of the incident, their seats are usually switched. I moved them because I thought it worked better for the panel. The ridiculous hat is accurate though.