Soon May the Censor Mom Come

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A note about this strip.

This one is kind of based on a true story. I got sucked into the seashanty craze from a couple of weeks ago, and the Kid and I did sing it a bit, but were informed that not only should songs about killing whales not be sung by little kids but adults shouldn't really either. Fair point, I guess. However, I did not teach anyone the lyrics to "WAP." That's a step too far, even for me. But I got a kick out of reading the lyrics, which are hilarious. Here's a link. But be warned: it's not suitable for being sung at work or by children, or in public by pretty much anyone.

For background, the sea shanty referenced is this one, originally becoming popular on tiktok, then moving out from there into society in general. There are also many responses and explainers and complaints that it's not actually a sea chanty. It's a pretty interesting rabbit hole to go down. However, I will stil never enjoy listening to Barrett's Privateers.