Okay. I haven’t been labeling people in the comic, just putting in textual clues and hints, hopefully without being too obvious. But just so everybody’s caught up,  in our first panel, we have Kaiser Wilhelm, German Chancellor and second place finalist for Coolest German Beard 1914, Theobald von Bethmann-Holweg. (The first place goes to Alfred von Tirpitz. We’ll be seeing more of him later.)

Today is the first appearance of Helmuth von Moltke, Chief of the German General Staff and the chap in charge of Military Matters. I don’t know why he’s wearing a greatcoat. It was summer, after all

In real life, the events covered in the conversation depicted here happened over two or three days. I condensed it. Moltke’s role is interesting. Essentially, he worked for the Emperor, but he cabled the Austro-Hungarians of his own volition, telling them to get on with it while Wilhelm was on vacation. So he’s not entirely blameless.