Hmm… I feel there’s not so much content today, but you know, excuses.

Today we begin a short series of posts about the uniforms on the Western Front in 1914. Today is Britain. By and large, this uniform makes a lot of sense, lots of pockets for ammunition and whatnot. The webbing seems a bit complicated to get into, and I’m not entirely sure about the point of the puttees they have wrapped around their legs.

The colour is reasonable, a “dusty canary” khaki that isn’t too obvious on the battlefield. It is worth noting that the dye came from Germany. In 1914, Britain actually ran out and were using re-purposed uniforms form the Post Office.

I feel have to come clean. For a person who’s spending his free time making a comic about World War 1, I don’t have a lot of patience for looking at minutiae or the,time to do exhaustive research. So these uniforms are going to be ‘mostly’ right. Contact me if there are any glaring errors and I’ll make note.