France gets a lot a grief for their uniforms at the outset of the Great War. I think it’s justified. This is a uniform more suited for the kind of battles where you just have two groups of dudes line up and shoot at each other until one group all falls down dead or runs away.

The red pants were considered an integral part of French military tradition and there was a lot of outcry when their elimination was being discussed. Thankfully, those people were ignored.

Another thing to notice about the french uniform is the kettle sitting at the top of their backpack. I remember reading, but I’m not exactly sure where, that Erwin Rommel used to use the sunlight reflecting off the metal pot to snipe French soldiers while he was in France. So to me, that’s another strike against this uniform.

And that’s it! There will be another comic up soon. I hope all three of you have enjoyed this brief look at uniforms.