Today we join King Albert I of Belgium, by all accounts a pretty good guy, and a group of his ministers and advisers. Don’t ask me who they’re supposed to be, I don’t have enough time to do that much research.

In panel two, the speaker is paraphrasing heavily. The actual text is pretty wordy for a six panel comic strip, but interesting in its’ own right. Albert is not explicitly referred to as “Cuz,” I just wanted to put that in to emphasize that everyone in European royalty was related. There’s a comic there someday.

As for the last panel, Machine Gun Dogs were a real thing. Unfortunately, they did not look like this:



But this:


Still, I think they were pretty cool in their own right, cheaper than horses and an innovative way for a small army to solve a problem.

As a final note, if this were the kind of webcomic that did merch, Belgium Machine Gun Dogs would be the front runner for a t-shirt.