So, after Erich Ludendoff snuck between the fortresses, took out a machine gun nest and found the unprotected city of Liege, reports tend to differ. Some, like John Keegan, say that he waited until 9 am to walk up to the citadel and tell the Belgians to give up, while Dan Carlin imply that it happened soon after he found the city. In any case, it’s a pretty cool story and helped Ludendorff build his legend.

Also, all the reference I can find for Belgian sodiers in 1914 has them in their huge greatcoats, like here. I have no idea what they would have worn under that. So I kind of guessed that they would wear some kind of tunic or a uniform jacket. I put them in the Shakos because they look so sharp. Even though I’m not too sure which soldiers would’ve worn them.

As for the citadel, it was torn down in 1978 to build a hospital, which seems like a good use for the space.